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A great Clown Show.- 21/04/2005.

Théâtre du Casino.- Vals de Bain.- France.
La Tribune

A Great Clown Show Thanks to the scandalous trio of Marceline, Zaza and Sylvestre, last Saturday night's cultural offering at the theatre was an evening filled with roaring laughter and enjoyment. There was certainly no melancholy in the audience with these artists-cum-clowns. For around an hour and a half the sketches came one after another at a frenzied pace. There was no stopping Los Excentricos as they displayed all their talent and humour, not just as clowns but also as jugglers, musicians and actors, infecting the audience with their fun and laughter, captivating them with the tender and poetic moments, and also during the absurd and delirious incidents that took place throughout the show. A three-legged tango dancer, a double-bass broom, a musical saw, a levitation number and a failed magic trick… To the great delight of both young and old, the odd slap in the face and music also made an appearance. All in all, Los Excentricos put on a marvellous show in which they managed to combine the great circus tradition with new modern ideas. Los Excentricos theatre company at Théâtre de Vals.
La Tribune

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Fotos: Sonia Balcells, Gabriel Tizón, Silvia Mazzotta, Marcantonio