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Three crazy clowns.- 07/12/2004.

Théâtre des trois Ponts.- Castelnaudary.- France.
La dépèche du Midi.

Welcome to the mad world of Los Excentricos Last Tuesday night the Théâtre des Trois-Ponts was filled with an extravagant trio of clowns . Los Excentricos presented their show "Musica Maestro" which combines circus tricks, bizarre musical instruments (the electric mop, the ukulele, the saw, the four-handed accordion and the violin-trumpet), magic and, above all, clowning around. These three nutters captivated an audience who did not take much persuading to join in the fun. This eccentric bunch have been working together for twenty years now and the complicity between them on stage is clear to see. Marceline, the girl in the group, blunders about, while Zaza splits his sides at his own jokes and Sylvestre loves to do impossible magic tricks. This is a delightful show for audiences of all ages, who will only complain about one thing: the one and a quarter hours that the show lasts just flies by!
La dépèche du Midi.

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Fotos: Sonia Balcells, Gabriel Tizón, Silvia Mazzotta, Marcantonio