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Three clowns drunk on music!.- 10/01/2005.

Salle Pierre Ramadier.- Lodève.- France.
le Midi Libre -Lodève.

Recently, at Pierre Ramadier theater.. Three clowns drunk on music! Last Thursday, as part of the Lodeva cultural season, the Los Excéntricos theatre company presented their show Música Maestro. Strange and unconventional: that's the dictionary definition of "eccentric", which perfectly suits the show put on that night by Marceline, Sylvestre and Zaza from Los Excéntricos theatre company. An unusual and tender show, in which the audience becomes part of the world of the clown, interpreted in a very modern way with the focus on music. Surprise was a central factor right from the start of the show, when Sylvestre and Zaza made their musical appearance from behind the audience, later joined on stage by Marceline, the rainmaker. The three clowns then got messed up in the most farfetched situations, each very personally acted out: Zaza's humour based on comical repetition, Sylvestre's focussed on wordplay and finally Marceline who made the most of her femininity and her outfits, which always went so well together. The gags came one after the other, at a frenzied pace, with music as the omnipresent common denominator of all their extravagance. The audience were also able to watch the marvellous Tango performed by the three-legged Silvestre, the Java by Marceline and Zaza with tangled concertinas, and the magical final act, a tribute to Caruso, with a singing head on a platter. And what a wonderful culmination of the show - in grotesque delirium Marceline decides to perform La vie en Rose accompanied by her two sidekicks, one on the violin and the other on the guitar, trying reach a B note in a scene worthy of Dracula and rounding off, with great commotion from offstage, with a performance of the famous song… with musical saws. For more than an hour, the Eccentrics, both funny and restrained at the same time, transported the audience to a surreal world where the absurd and the comical reign. It is hardly surprising then that this show has been all around the world (Europe, Canada, the United States and Japan).
le Midi Libre -Lodève.

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Fotos: Sonia Balcells, Gabriel Tizón, Silvia Mazzotta, Marcantonio